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South Bay Families Connected for elementary

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  • Featured social emotional wellness articles
  • A button named "Mindful Parenting" providing a link to a comprehensive curated gallery of parenting articles addressing topics such as fostering resilience, gratitude, and Growth Mindset.
  • A link to our current featured TED Talk, a talk by Julie Lythcott-Haines, author of How to Raise an Adult. (It's outstanding!!!!!)
  • Buttons to curated galleries of resources for 
  1. social media and technology guidance 
  2. bullying reduction/empathy building
  3. stress-reduction
  • Early alcohol and drug prevention tactics and tools specifically geared toward elementary school parents. 




About that last bullet, we all have heard about the importance of "talking early and often" to our kids about drugs and alcohol. The trick, however, is knowing exactly how to do that effectively. The page provides links to very specific guidance that can help parents whose kids are ages 5-8, or 9-12. Though substance use may seem only a distant threat on the horizon, setting the groundwork now is imperative if we are to reach our shared goal of increasing the likelihood of good choices during the teen years.