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Academic Enhancements

VAPA (Funded by PTA)

PTA funds programs to provide classrooms with access to talented artists throughout the school year.  

Computer Lab (Funded by MBEF and PTA)

Students utilize technology to enhance and improve performance in all areas of the curriculum through integrated project-based learning. Pennekamp teachers create technology projects that reflect an understanding of the grade level curriculum, as well as the ability to use technology to research and problem solve. 

Grades of Green (Funded by PTA)  

Students and parents participate in ongoing activities to improve the environment.  The goal is to educate Pennekamp families on the importance of the three R’s: reduce, reuse, and recycle.  Programs include bringing a “trashless” lunch on Tuesdays, ‘Walk to School’ Wednesdays, and recycling in the classroom/lunchroom.  Go Green merchandise, such as lunchboxes and water bottles, is available to purchase.

Growing Great (Funded by PTA)

During Harvest-of-the-Month tasting, a seasonal fresh fruit or vegetable is sampled in the cafeteria during lunch. Displays illustrate the farm to table cycle with samples of live plants, seeds, different varieties of produce being sampled and nutrition facts.  Our Growing Great Garden provides a great learning environment in which students can grow, harvest, eat and sell their own food from the garden located on campus.  Students experience new foods in their organic school gardens while learning about seasonality, life cycles, and sustainable food production. 

Library (Funded by MBEF and PTA)

Learning to use a library is a skill and students will use this skill throughout their educational careers. The Pennekamp library media specialist develops library skills through meaningful literary opportunities.

Science Lab (Funded by MBEF and PTA)

Our Science Lab is an exciting place to learn! Pennekamp teachers collaborate with our science specialist to develop meaningful, hands-on science activities.

Science Night (Funded by PTA) 

The PTA sponsors students who want to apply scientific methods to better understand their world.  Projects are displayed and judged by local expertise, such as Northrop Gruman. Students are awarded during our Science Night where parents and the entire student body can enjoy an evening of fun activities and be intrigued by our bright students.  

Walk Through California (Funded by PTA)

This acclaimed “Walk Through Program” is a 4th grade tradition and highlight of the school year.  Through role playing, music, and active participation the early days of California come to life!

Young at Art (YAA)(Funded by PTA)  

This visual arts enrichment program focuses on enhancing students’ creative processes and visual perceptions.  The program utilizes numerous community resources in the Arts and trains very dedicated parent volunteers on a monthly basis.  These parent volunteers bring the projects to life in each classroom by walking students through a series of easy, step-by-step instructions to allow each child to create the featured artwork themselves.  The program explores the art of a variety of artists and art movements each year, using a variety of mediums.  Every child will have one of its works displayed in the ‘Young At Art’ gallery during Pennekamp’s annual Open House.