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Student Involvement

5th Grade Student Council

Pennekamp 5th Grade Student Council members serve our school by doing their part to help make our school environment cleaner and safer.  Student Council members also visibly demonstrate leadership and help the younger students at our school by setting a good example, helping with activities, and helping demonstrate good citizenship and sportsmanship.

Student Council helps Pennekamp by keeping environmental awareness at the forefront (collecting recycling from classrooms), publicizing school events (red ribbon week, author's week), planning special theme days (Pajama Day), supporting charitable and environmental events (Earth Day) and assisting with safety (playground safety, hallway monitoring).  Additional projects are also determined by the Student Council. 

Student Council is available to all fifth grade students.  They must receive permission to join and can receive information from their teachers.  

 Band/Choral (Funded by MBEF)

The music instructors for Pennekamp are:

Katie Cavallaro        Strings     Grade 3-5

Michael Corrigan     Band        Grades 4-5

                              Recorder  Grades 3

Jeremy Pease         Vocal

Music is held every Tuesday at Pennekamp.  Please see the Pennekamp calendar for event dates.

Third Grade Music Wheel Curriculum Overview 

Students will be participating in an exploratory wheel. The year will be divided into trimesters and the courses students will participate in are violin, recorder, and choir. 
The new music wheel allows third graders to broaden their musical experiences, and gives them a stronger reference for selecting their music pathway for fourth and fifth grade.
Fourth and fifth grade music will be a two-year program. Students will remain in their chosen class for two years, giving them the opportunity to build their skills and achieve mastery.

Third Grade Music Program Logistics

Music class will continue to be one time per week for 45 minutes. Students will not need to select a music class in third grade, they will all participate in the same curriculum.
Students will rotate through the wheel with an assigned group. Music classes need to be divided into three equal size groups and remain in the same group for the entire year. Classroom teachers will determine the groups.

If three classrooms attend music during a 45 minute time slot, students rotate through the wheel with their homeroom class. 
If two classrooms of 24 students attend music during a time slot, the music classes divide into groups of 16, 16,  and 16 students. 
If one classroom of 24 students attends music during one time slot, the music classes divides into 8, 8, and 8 students. We suggest assigning a letter or number to the groups (i.e.- Group A, B, and C or Group 1, 2, and 3.)

The following are “switch” dates when groups rotate to the next class in the wheel:

Robinson: Monday, November 27 and Monday, March 12
Pennekamp: Tuesday, November 28 and Tuesday, March 13
Meadows: Wednesday, November 29 and Wednesday, March 14
Pacific: Thursday, November 30 and Thursday, March 15
Grand View: Friday, December 1 and Friday, March 16

Students need to wear name tags and bring folders to music class each week for the entire year. The school district will be providing these materials. Folders and name tags need to be stored in classrooms. Thank you in advance for finding a place in your rooms to organize these!
A $13 donation for the music program will be requested from all families at the beginning of the year. Donations can be submitted in Tim Nail’s mailbox.
Attached are the parent letter and donation form for your reference. We will make copies of these documents for you to send home with your students at the beginning of the school year. Office managers will be emailing these forms out to third grade families as well. 

Many thanks for your ongoing support of the music program! Please feel free to email us if any questions come up. 

Best regards,
The Music Team
Nona Watson, choir
Tim Nail, recorder and band
Katie Cavallaro, strings

Book Club (Library funded by MBEF/PTA)

The Pennekamp Book Club is sponsored by our Librarian, Ms. Broka.  The meetings are on Fridays during lunch and the dates are scheduled as needed.  It is available to all 4th and 5th grade students, however, there is a limit of 30 children.  

The format is much like book clubs for grown-ups.  A book is chosen and read before the meeting.  At the meeting there will be a discussion about the book and some crafts/games will be included.

If you are interested, please contact Ms. Broka for more information:

Odyssey of the Mind:  

All students are welcome to create their own group at the beginning of the school year with parent supervision.  Weekly meetings begin in October.

Please visit the websites: or for additional information.  

Spirit Assemblies:

Pennekamp is proud to recognize student’s for their character as well as their commitment to demonstrating community in Physical Education (PE).  Each grade level has chosen a core value and shares with the school community a lesson and challenges other students to emulate this character trait. At each assembly students will celebrate birthday’s, PE awards to share which Dragon “Set the Standard” and demonstrated teamwork, effort, and sportsmanship, as well as the given character award. Students that are receiving an award are notified a week prior to share in this amazing event! 
Grade levels and Character Traits
5th- Gratitude
4th- Service
3rd- Kindness
2nd- Inclusion
1st- Responsibility
K- Respect