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Room Parent Information

2017-18 Room Parent Responsibilities

Each room must designate 1 person as communications, 1 person as treasurer and then can share the responsibilities for events or have one person take them over.  


Donations are collected from classroom families at the beginning of the year to cover costs for teacher gifts and classroom parties/events.  This eliminates the need to collect money several times during the school year.   All classroom funds collected will be shared equally between all the classes in your grade level.

  1. All treasurers from each grade level should meet and select one to act as the MAIN Treasurer for the grade.  All “ASK” checks should be made out to the MAIN treasurer.
  • Modify your “ASK” letter as needed and send out to your classrooms via email. (sample will be emailed)
  1. Place an envelope(provided) in each classroom to collect money.
  2. MAIN treasurer will collect all the money from each classroom BY OCTOBER 2.  
  3. The MAIN treasurer will divide the money equally and write a check to each individual classroom treasurer for them to manage during the year AND GIVE $75 FROM EACH CLASSROOM TO ROOM MOM COORDINATOR/ANGIE SMITH BY OCTOBER 2ND VIA PAYPAL, (, VENMO (Angie-Smith-26), OR CHECK.
    1. Each classroom must stay within the suggested spending allowances (see budget)
    2. If too much money is collected it can be used at the end of the year to buy the teachers something for their classrooms.  Meet with teachers to find out what they need.
    3. If not enough money is collected then adjust budget accordingly
  • Document classroom finances during the year.  If asked you should be able to let parents know how much money is spent and on what. (form will be emailed)
  • Please stay within the budget when giving gifts to our teachers.  Of course if parents want to give more on their own they are welcome to.

Suggested Classroom Budget Total: $1,336 (4th/5th total: $1436) Suggested ASK: $65

  • Birthday Gift $250
  • Holiday Gift $250
  • Teacher Appreciation Week $250
  • End of Year Gift $250
  • Winter Party $75 (k-3) and $125 (4-5)
  • End of Year Party                                   $75 (k-3) and $125 (4-5)
  • November Conference Week Lunches $50
  • Teacher Appreciation Week Lunches       $36
  • Classroom Supplies -to Angie Smith         $75
  • Misc $25


Schedule of Events:

Conference Week#1 (Sept. 11th-15th):  PTA will cover lunches for this week.

Halloween Parade (Oct 31st):  Ask your teacher how you may assist him/her for the parade.  You may need to make a classroom sign or help get parent volunteers to assist on the field during the parade.  No parties allowed.  No funds needed

Conference Week#2 (November 6th-9th):  It is Pennekamp tradition to treat our teachers to lunch each day during the week.  Get a list of favorite lunch spots from your teacher and use class funds to treat them to lunch each day.  Budget: $50

Winter Holiday Party (December 21?): Ask your teacher what help he/she needs with the holiday party planning.  Most parties are pre-planned and they will let you know what supplies/food needs to be purchased.  Use class funds to help with food or supplies.  You are responsible for purchasing the class gift which is given during the holiday party.  Gift Budget: $250 Party Budget-$75 K-3RD. Party Budget-$125 4th-5th.

Dragon Dash (April 26th): Room parents will assist the Dragon Dash chair in gathering pledge sheets, finding volunteers and obtaining supplies .  Budget: Use Misc funds or PTA funds

Teacher Appreciation Week (May 7th-11th):  Something is done each day during the week to show appreciation to our hardworking teachers.  We ask that each classroom do the same thing to help with consistency throughout the school.  Classroom funds should be used for: 1 bouquet of flowers($25) and a gift($225) at the end of the week. There are also $30 of funds in the budget for lunches that week (Tues-Thurs). Budget: $280 for the week

  • Monday-Teacher Appreciation Luncheon for all teachers sponsored by PTA.
  • Tuesday-Dress like a superhero.  Class provides lunch
  • Wednesday-Wear your teacher’s favorite color to school.  Class provides lunch.
  • Thursday-Make a card day. Kids bring in a homemade card to school.  Class provides lunch.
  • Friday-Classroom gift using classroom funds.  PTA will provide lunch for all teachers.

End of the Year Party (June 14th)-Work with your teacher with purchasing food and supplies for the end of year party.  You are responsible for purchasing the classroom gift for your teacher.                             Gift Budget: $250 Party Budget: $75 K-3RD $125 4TH-5TH

Birthday Gift (varies):  Purchase a birthday gift for your teacher from the classroom.  Budget: $250

**Scrip is a great way to support Pennekamp for teacher gifts.  (Teacher’s scrip preferences include).


$50-k-3 and $75 4-5  These funds must be used by JUNE 1, 2018 and submitted with receipts and expense form to the PTA Treasurer.  Check request forms are in workroom mailbox.  These funds may be used for lunches, Dragon Dash, or Holiday Party.


  1. Create classroom email list – This list can be obtained from your teacher.  This needs to be done ASAP.
  2. Send RP Introduction/One Time Donation email to classroom parents (example will be emailed to you).
  3. Throughout the year forward emails sent by Room Parent Coordinator to your classroom parents.  The information will pertain to Pennekamp PTA, MBEF and classroom business only.
    1. Every effort will be taken to keep emails down to a minimum
    2. Please clean up emails and personalize before forwarding
    3. DO NOT combine classrooms if you have more than one.
    4. The class email list should be used for classroom and PK PTA business only.
    5. If Room Parent Coordinator sends emails asking for communication assistance, please send within 24 hours.