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Green Corner


Pennekamp is going green!

Grades of Green and Beach Cities Health District have partnered to support Pennekamp’s efforts. Grades of Green seeks to inspire and empower your kids to care for the environment. You can help! When packing lunches at home, make the choice to reduce waste and pack trash free. Click the links below for suggestions on how to pack and why. Ask your kids about trash free lunches. They are learning about the 4 R’s at school (reduce, reuse, recycle and rot) and will surprise you with how much they know!! Stay tuned next week to learn about Pennekamp’s new Lunchtime Sorting Station and how your kids are getting involved!!

Pennekamp Goes Green

Did you know at Pennekamp your kids are helping care for the environment? They are sorting their lunch waste in the cafeteria every day! What does this mean?? The kids dispose of waste into these containers: Liquids, Recycle, Food Only, Landfill and Tray Stacking. Check out the attached flyer to learn what belongs in each container. Through sorting the kids reduce how much waste goes to the landfill. They are learning how to reduce waste by taking only what they need, packing trash free when possible, and recycling properly. Not sure what is recyclable? Check out the attached Recycle Poster.