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Events & Fundraising » Pennekamp Scrip and Ralphs

Pennekamp Scrip and Ralphs

Scrip is a certificate or card that can be used just as cash. With scrip, families can easily earn for Pennekamp’s PTA while they shop. Simply use scrip gift cards/certificates for everyday purchases - or for a big purchase you have in mind!

How does Scrip work?

Pennekamp's Scrip team buys gift certificates/gift cards from local and national vendors at a discounted price. When you buy the Scrip cards, you pay the face value on the card/certificate.  Pennekamp keeps the difference between the face value you pay when you buy Scrip and the discounted price Pennekamp pays to the vendors for the Scrip, which varies from 1.5% to 20% (depending on the vendor). Just like that, the more you buy Scrip, the more you contribute to Pennekamp!!

How to buy Scrip:

Think about your spending habits (groceries, retailers, gas)… and buy it!

Click below for Scrip Order Form 2018-2019 (updated 9/13/18). Or look for forms in your ‘Wednesday Envelope’ or PK front office.



TIME TO REGISTER all your grocery reward cards and debit/credit cards you use when you shop. Every time you swipe your cards at these stores, Pennekamp-PTA will receive a percentage of your purchases...Get it done today!! Go to and create an account. Add Pennekamp Elementary (ID 137115715) and start fundraising!

How Do I Register or Renew My Cards? It’s Easy ….

Ralphs’ Grocery Reward Cards:

  • Registering Online: You can also register your Ralph’s Reward Card online. Click below for detailed instructions on how to register online at

 "If you have any questions or want to learn more about the Scrip program, contact the Scrip Team at or contact Cindy Marian at Thank you! Happy shopping!