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Halloween Parade

Friday, October 29


Dear Pennekamp Families,


We are excited for students to participate in a modified Halloween Costume Parade on campus the morning of Friday, October 29.  Dressing up for Halloween is a memorable tradition across all schools in MBUSD and we are so fortunate our students get to do so in person this year! 


There are a few changes to the program this year given COVID constraints.  Unfortunately, parents will not be allowed on campus for this event. Without the extra help from parents and to avoid restroom congestion, we are requesting that students arrive at school dressed in a “lite” costume that can be worn comfortably all day.  

Pennekamp Costume Guidelines are as follows:
  • Costume masks are not a substitute for a COVID-19 face mask.  LACDPH states that costume masks should not be worn over a face mask as it may make breathing more difficult. For this reason, costume masks are not allowed for this year’s Halloween activities.
  • All costumes must adhere to MBUSD Board policy for Dress and Grooming.
  • No face paint.
  • You may wear a hat or hood if it does not cover your face. (Teachers may ask you to remove it during class.)
  • Do not wear a costume that degrades or makes fun of other people or groups of people, or one that is disrespectful or mimics people in any way related to race, color, religion or creed, national origin, disability, gender, sexual orientation, or citizenship.
  • No weapons; avoid costumes that are gory and/or depict violence.
  • No props/artifacts – we do not want them to get lost! Costume “lite”

I cannot wait to see the children’s delightful, creative, and humorous costumes on October 29th!


Thank you,

Principal Witzansky