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PTA Executive Board Members

2021-2022 PTA Executive Board

President Anna Bargagliotti and Executive Vice President Angie Smith -- The PTA President and EVP coordinate all activities of the Pennekamp PTA, preside over all general and executive board meetings and serve as the official Pennekamp PTA representative at District Advisory Council, Manhattan Beach Council of PTAs, School Site Council, Manhattan Beach Education Foundation, and other community meetings. The PTA President and EVP work closely with the principal on a daily basis. A president’s signature is required to authorize payment for any PTA expenditure.  To email both the President and EVP, use this email

Fundraising: Katie Ranne & Becky Schaefer -- The VP(s) are responsible for all committees that raise funds to support the many programs sponsored by Pennekamp’s PTA. Fundraising VP coordinates with their committee chairs to ensure proper money handling and expenditure submission procedures are followed.

Operations: Julie Kim & Amy Carlson -- The VP(s) are responsible for all committees that assist staff, foster community/school/parent communications, and enhance the campus. The Operations VP oversees and reviews committee plans and assists committee chairs in fulfilling their duties.

Membership: Jiyeon Im and Kristi Horstman -- The VP(s) are responsible for overseeing the annual membership campaign. In addition, the Membership VP assists the Manhattan Beach Education Foundation (MBEF) by providing Pennekamp support for the Annual Appeal campaign and various MBEF fundraisers throughout the year.

Communications: Pam Thomas & Kelly Gordon -- The VP is responsible for overseeing the communications between home and school. The VP utilizes the PK website, Dragon Newsletter, Wednesday envelopes, the marquee, as well as local newspapers to keep parents up to date on what is happening in the Pennekamp community.

Recording Secretary: Lindsay Wade -- The recording secretary is responsible for taking minutes at all general and executive board meetings. Minutes are available here

Treasurer: Lena Adishian -- The treasurer is responsible for preparing the yearly budget, maintaining financial records, reporting on financial status, and ensuring the twice yearly audits are performed. In addition, the treasurer pays all bills as authorized in the by-laws and is responsible for preparing all required insurance and tax returns and forms on behalf of the PTA.

Financial Secretary: Charlene Cady -- The Financial Secretary is responsible for ensuring that all deposits are correctly submitted from committees, that all funds are deposited at the approved financial institution and proper documentation is submitted to the treasurer. The Financial Secretary is also responsible for the management and follow-up of in-sufficient fund communications from our financial institution.

Parliamentarian: Nicole Pacourek -- The Parliamentarian is appointed by the president(s) and gives advice on parliamentary procedure when requested, reviews and updates the by-laws, coordinates the first meeting of the nominating committee, assists in coordinating and filling all committee chair positions and keeps records of all volunteer hours.

Legislative Representative: Sarah Dupee -- The Leg. Rep. keeps PTA members informed about pending legislation that may affect our children or schools. The PTA sends the Leg. Rep. to Sacramento each year on the Manhattan Beach Council of PTA’s Capital Convoy. This group meets with other state officials to make the needs of our schools better understood by lawmakers.

Manhattan Beach Education Foundation (MBEF) Representative: Beth and Aaron Orozco -- The MBEF Rep represents Pennekamp at MBEF meetings and events. The Rep also provides Pennekamp support for the annual MBEF fundraising campaign.

Pennekamp Principal: Ms. Witzansky